January 20, 2015

Declan Heaton

Location: Wigan, UK

Santana Fan Since: 2012

Why You Love Santana’s Music: I love Santana’s music because, it’s different to any artist I’ve ever heard before. It has a positive and happy feel to it. As im only 16 years old , I have only recently discovered Santana’s music last year, from listening to it with my grandad, who’s been a Santana fan for years! I think his music is just outstanding. Just how all of those musicians can work together and play songs accurately and efficiently, it amazes me! I saw Santana for the first time with my grandad when he played at the Manchester Arena on the 18th July 2013. I must say it was a fantastic and incredible experience! I will definitely be seeing him again when he’s next over here. Until then, I can’t wait!

How Many Times You’ve Seen Carlos Live and Where/When: I’ve seen Santana once live as mentioned above, at the Manchester Arena on the 18th July 2013.

Random Santana-related Fact:His signature guitar retails at $7,096.