January 20, 2015

Al Chavarria

Location: San Diego, CA

Santana Fan Since: 1969

Why You Love Santana’s Music: I love the Energy that Santana’s music has always made me feel. His hits are many and especially his jazz/blues songs that pepper all of this albums. There are some incredible instrumentals like “Song of the Wind” and “Flor de Luna”. The beauty of his guitar and the percussion of the band! He should be on everyone’s bucket list to see live at least once!

How Many Times You’ve Seen Carlos Live and Where/When: Wow I have seen Santana in concert live over 30 times. Every year in San Diego since 1977, once in Vegas and two nights back to back at the Greek Theatre in LA. I just saw him this year Irvine Amphitheater…I’ve seen him at Fox Theatre, Old Coors Amphitheater, San Diego Sports Arena with Bob Dylan, Qualcomm Stadium opened for Rolling Stones in the rain….But the very best concert, the creme de la creme was at the Tijuana Bull Ring in Playas. That was a magical and spiritual evening. It was awesome when he played “She’s not there” in the bull ring at dusk with the lights and whole place dancing and singing…”Well no one told me about her, well they all new, please don’t bother trying to find her and she’s not there!!! Guitar SOLO….Badass! Too many memories all Great! Always a great show! I’ll go every year and wherever he’s playing!

Random Santana-related Fact: My mom was born in Autlan, Jalisco Mexico….Carlos Santana’s birthplace, so I think somehow we are related! Hey Primo!