October 8, 2013

Malc Tipping

Name: Malc Tipping

Location: Lancashire, England

Santana Fan Since: 1969

Why You Love Santana’s Music: Carlos is the greatest guitarist ever! Watching Carlos play just gives me so much inspiration to see how effortless he makes it look.


How Many Times You’ve Seen Carlos Live and Where/When:

Seen them live in concert 9 times. All in the UK:

  • Bath festival 1970
  • Hammersmith Odeon (now Apollo) in 1978, 1979 and 1990
  • Wembley Arena 1980
  • Albert Hall 1983 and 2003
  • Wembley Stadium 1984
  • London 2005

I’d love to see them most perform in a private concert in a small venue somewhere in the UK.

Random Santana-related Fact: I have an autographed photo of Carlos on my office wall.