October 12, 2013

Carlos Tsang

Name: Carlos Tsang

Location: Hong Kong

Santana Fan Since: Over 25 years ago

Why You Love Santana’s Music: I love each note that Carlos play that really shake my heart, I heard about Carlos (Santana) that my elder brother introduced to me when I was 10, believe it is generation to generation, and the word “Legend” not current or past but future.

How Many Times You’ve Seen Carlos Live and Where/When: 80’s, 90′ and 20′ Santana will visit Hong Kong every 4 or 6 years. But still regret I can’t see playing live “Blues for Salvador” in HKG.

Random Santana-related Fact: As you can see my name also called “Carlos” that given from a father (Church) while I was born in 1963.

Attached photo is my son Yannis which mean a gift from GOD, now he is 8, also Santana fan.